Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks around our house and at work too!

Rodney is coaching Garrison's basketball team and let me just tell you.....he is doing okay, but is definitely better at BASEBALL! I was searching the internet, just goofing off, and look whose baseball card I found. It was pretty neat finding it online after all of these years.

Of course, if I offer any coaching advice, he says "Okay" and continues to do what he was doing.....oh, well!

Jackson asks me every day when I am going to sign him up for baseball. If you know him, then you know that he is always moving. He would rather bat than play the field and would rather play on the playground than to play the field. So, I keep telling him "Next week, Jack, next week". I guess we will just have to see if he is really serious this year.

Madison is proving herself to be quite a booger! If she does not want you to talk, she will scream louder than you. If she wants something, she screams. If you are eating something, you might as well hand it over to her; she is always hungry. On the other hand, she gets cuter each day and has the brightest smile first thing in the morning.

School is so busy with grades, parent-teacher conferences, and freshmen! I don't believe I have been busier than I am right now; I will not get bored this semester....that is for sure!

The "Desperate Housewife and one Husband" lunch bunch continues to brighten my day at work. Cepp doesn't really know what he has gotten himself into while dining with us. LD is on a diet and is doing great; LB and Liz are working out hard, but are still eating chocolate; JH was having a bad day today and tried to take AH's brownie; and MC is tired of grading essays!

So much for us right to all!


The Howard 5 said...

we need a loooooong vacation!

Becky McBride said...

I agree island far away sounds so good to me right now!

E and G's mama said...

A lunch group is the best, isn't it?? I really wish Liz could join us on even days. We should tell her to go ahead and change lunches without notifying administration. Just 25 more students at A lunch is barely noticeable.


Becky McBride said...

I agree LB.....I do miss Liz on those Even Days! I am really thankful for all of our crew though....even TOMMY!