Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break is OVER.....let SUMMER begin!

Gosh, after ten days away from my school, my students, and my responsibilites, I hate to admit that I am so anxious for summer to arrive.

The kids and I traveled to East Tennessee last week for a fabulous, but short, visit with my family. The trip there was uneventful; the kids were great and we stopped only one time (in Lebanon) and made it to mom and dad's in 7 1/2 hours. On the other hand, the trip home lasted a little longer.....after a stop to visit Jackie in Knoxville, we headed towards the flatlands.

We had not seen Jackie in so long! We got to see Bryson too....boy, is he a doll! Jackie and Todd, along with baby sister, have to be so proud!

Madison slept only about twenty minutes during the entire ride home! Needless to say, we were all a bit cranky upon arriving at home.

While visiting everyone in Elizabethton, I went to see Nick's remodeled house; it is a truly old home with several modern touches. The original hardwood floors are to die for; the accordian type closet doors (in one of the bedrooms) are classic. Nick also shared with me a photo album of him and Doc. Nick's girlfriend had made it for him for Christmas.....what a gift! Doc was Nick's grandfather who was super special to me. He and Granny Hazel always treated me like one of their own grandchildren. When he died in the early 90's, it was really hard to imagine life without him. Looking through those pictures brought back so many memories.....especially of the way life used to be before it got so complicated!

We took the kids to Fun Expedition....a lot like Incredible Pizza.....we ALL had a lot of fun! Debbie and I played this one game that is like riding a roller was WAY cool!

Overall, it was a great visit.....I can't wait to see everyone again really soon!

We are back to work, to school, and to baseball. Jackson is driving me crazy.....he could care less about playing baseball.....he is too worried about having some popcorn in the dugout! :)

Garrison has another tournament this weeked in Bolton; the weather is supposed to be super nice.....suntan, here we come!

I used to think that life was made up of moments worth remembering.....sometimes though, I believe that life is full of seconds worth remembering......second chances, second helpings, and second nature.......

Monday, April 13, 2009

I know....I know.....

I know that it has been forever since I updated this stinkin' thing! It has been so crazy around our place the last few weeks and I simply have not had the time. BUT, I am at my parents' house for a few days during our long awaited Spring Break, so I thought I would get back on track!

Baseball season has really started! We are either at one of the boys' practices or games five days a week. Little Miss Priss really doesn't mind either; she loves running around the field, playing in the mud, and climbing on the playground sets.

TCAP testing is over for G. Each day we would talk about how he did and I would ask several questions about the tests; G would always say, "It was easy," or "I think I missed a couple." It was like pulling teeth to get some specifics! However, I hope that he did well and I am thankful that the testing is over for now. The month of May will bring enough worry with my students' EOC tests!

Easter was a lot of fun this year! I just love hunting eggs! I believe that this is a big reason that people have others will not laugh when a 30 something year old lady is running for the filled eggs......

Anyway.....I will do better this week with my blogging! Hopefully, I will get some new pics displayed too!