Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stress anyone?

As the end of the school year approaches, my stomach remains in a knot and my brain processes and categorizes information even in my sleep!

My students probably think that I am crazy.....working them harder as the days go by....but, I have always believed that "you start and finish STRONG"! Our EOC exam for English I is tommorrow.....I sure hope that my students wake up on the smart side of their beds in the morning!

Our yard is going to look like a tropical rainforest before it gets some trimming....the rain has found a spot that it likes (in the Midsouth) and will not go away! Hopefully, some spare time will find its way to our house this weekend in order to get those small....big....things accomplished!

The kids are all growing like our weeds too! Jackson will be five on the 23rd of the month....I still remember my swollen feet and my big ole' belly when I was pregnant with him; I also remember and cherish this sweet little boy...... he is like a raindrop in the desert.....much needed and loved!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break is OVER.....let SUMMER begin!

Gosh, after ten days away from my school, my students, and my responsibilites, I hate to admit that I am so anxious for summer to arrive.

The kids and I traveled to East Tennessee last week for a fabulous, but short, visit with my family. The trip there was uneventful; the kids were great and we stopped only one time (in Lebanon) and made it to mom and dad's in 7 1/2 hours. On the other hand, the trip home lasted a little longer.....after a stop to visit Jackie in Knoxville, we headed towards the flatlands.

We had not seen Jackie in so long! We got to see Bryson too....boy, is he a doll! Jackie and Todd, along with baby sister, have to be so proud!

Madison slept only about twenty minutes during the entire ride home! Needless to say, we were all a bit cranky upon arriving at home.

While visiting everyone in Elizabethton, I went to see Nick's remodeled house; it is a truly old home with several modern touches. The original hardwood floors are to die for; the accordian type closet doors (in one of the bedrooms) are classic. Nick also shared with me a photo album of him and Doc. Nick's girlfriend had made it for him for Christmas.....what a gift! Doc was Nick's grandfather who was super special to me. He and Granny Hazel always treated me like one of their own grandchildren. When he died in the early 90's, it was really hard to imagine life without him. Looking through those pictures brought back so many memories.....especially of the way life used to be before it got so complicated!

We took the kids to Fun Expedition....a lot like Incredible Pizza.....we ALL had a lot of fun! Debbie and I played this one game that is like riding a roller coaster......it was WAY cool!

Overall, it was a great visit.....I can't wait to see everyone again really soon!

We are back to work, to school, and to baseball. Jackson is driving me crazy.....he could care less about playing baseball.....he is too worried about having some popcorn in the dugout! :)

Garrison has another tournament this weeked in Bolton; the weather is supposed to be super nice.....suntan, here we come!

I used to think that life was made up of moments worth remembering.....sometimes though, I believe that life is full of seconds worth remembering......second chances, second helpings, and second nature.......

Monday, April 13, 2009

I know....I know.....

I know that it has been forever since I updated this stinkin' thing! It has been so crazy around our place the last few weeks and I simply have not had the time. BUT, I am at my parents' house for a few days during our long awaited Spring Break, so I thought I would get back on track!

Baseball season has really started! We are either at one of the boys' practices or games five days a week. Little Miss Priss really doesn't mind either; she loves running around the field, playing in the mud, and climbing on the playground sets.

TCAP testing is over for G. Each day we would talk about how he did and I would ask several questions about the tests; G would always say, "It was easy," or "I think I missed a couple." It was like pulling teeth to get some specifics! However, I hope that he did well and I am thankful that the testing is over for now. The month of May will bring enough worry with my students' EOC tests!

Easter was a lot of fun this year! I just love hunting eggs! I believe that this is a big reason that people have kids.....so others will not laugh when a 30 something year old lady is running for the filled eggs......

Anyway.....I will do better this week with my blogging! Hopefully, I will get some new pics displayed too!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend in Review.....

Even though it was not a nice weekend for the weather, it was a weekend that will definitely be remembered by our family.

Garrison was baptized on Sunday; he had a lot of friends and family there to support him.....many thanks! The service was awesome; the music and the sermon could not have been more perfect!

Madison is feeling much better since her first bout with strep throat; she is a handful. She can already say "No" so well that I am afraid she will be a bit of a stubborn child. It is so sweet to watch her interact with Jackson and Garrison; she definitely has two "body guards".

Jackson is still a super duper sweet guy! He kept asking G about his "babatizing". He said that he cannot wait until it is time for him......

We had G's first baseball tournament on Sunday (the 15th). It was chilly, muddy, and depressing. We are so "used" to winning all the time. We lost each game, but improved in each game too. G made some awesome plays and most of all, had a great time!

It is only Monday and I am ready for the weekend already!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Face Book Junkie.....

Well I bit the big one, I mean, I got internet on my Blackberry and joined the many faces of FACE BOOK! I think that there is a definite possibility that I could become addicted to the "book" though. I cannot believe how many friends I have re-connected with over the last few days. From old sorority sisters to my friends in this area, it is a cool way to keep up with each other.

One of my best friends in the world, Heather Ball, lives in FL. Although we try to keep up with one another, it is impossible to do on a monthly basis. So, we connected yesterday! I did not realize how much I miss her. We used to hang out almost every day; whether we were at the bar drinking or on the sofa eating Chinese food, we always had a good time.

One of my other sisters, Stephanie, has three kids too. She has to have the biggest heart of anyone that I have ever met in my life (and the sweetest smile). I remember Spring Break 1998 in Panama City, FL with Steph and our crew. I had given up partying all day and night and was primarily interested in getting a tan. Steph was kinda in the same boat too. But, goodness, did we stay in a DUMP.....I sure am glad that cleanliness did not matter then as much as it does now......lol:)I could go on and on about my old buddies, but I won't. I am just excited that I can communicate with them all now without any trouble!

Garrison is getting baptized on Sunday at Crosspointe Baptist Church. He has been thinking and talking about his spiritual birthday for a long time; his only real doubt was about being baptized. But, he has gotten past the fear and went in front of the church this last Sunday. What a special moment in his life; I am so thankful to God that he allows me to be a mother to such a wonderful son.

Jackson is gearing up for baseball. We spent a lot of time outside last weekend when it was not raining and forty degrees. He is such a little stud with a really sweet soul. I cannot wait to watch him grow into the fine man that I know he will be!Madison has strep throat for the first time ever! She ran fever for a couple of days and was really cranky. After a trip to Dr. Pender's office with the three of the kids, she was the only one who came out positive for strep. She was a BIG girl and took a shot to the leg. It seems to be working, but she still has a cough that is hanging around.

I have to remember how lucky I am; my time with my children is precious even if being in a small doctor's office for almost two hours leaves me feeling like I need to be committed!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy......as a beaver!

Life sure is busy right now with school, work, baseball, etc. It seems like the weather is keeping all of the bad germs around and my kids keep getting sick.

Jackson has strep throat and bronchitis.....Rodney has the pain in the butt virus.....Madison has an inflammed ear canal.....and luckily, G is okay for now!

Our first baseball tournament is going to be the weekend of March 13......come out and see us, uh, win?!?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Frustrated....but BLESSED!

After reading AH's blog, I cannot be frustrated any longer with my lack of keeping up with grades, working out, house cleaning, laundry, and anything else that I am slacking on right now. After a busy weekend, today needs to be a day that I am thankful that I have three kids to take and get haircuts this afternoon, that I have a husband who forgets everything and needs my help to function, and that I have a fabulous family who I spend too much time away from because we do not live close to one another.......

Garrison's basketball team won their game on Saturday......we smoked 'em! G is getting better each week; he really is an aggressive little booger!

Jackson helped Rodney with insulating the boys' new room (the addition) yesterday. He is such a great helper!

Madison ran fever and had a snotty nose all day; I sure hope she is not getting a bad cold!

It is hard to believe that this month is over.......March will be here next week! School will be out in three months......WOW!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anyone ready for SCRABBLE?

Christie Jarvis is having a contest.....I really want this game!



How funny it is that just last night we were outside playing baseball and today the weather forcast shows signs of an upcoming snow.

It is no wonder that our children are sick all the time due to the ever changing weather around us! Madison had the stomach bug over the weekend; Jackson's nose will not stop running; and Garrison said that he did not feel well this morning. I am not feeling too super either.....and we have inservice tonight, YUCK!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost my BIRTHDAY....

Well, it is now three days away from my 34th birthday and I have been a little emotional about this yearly milestone.

I guess I keep thinking that no matter how hard I try, I am still going to get older, look older, and feel older. My knees hurt when it rains, my hair turn gray way sooner than it used to, and my idea of having a good time involves kids' birthday parties and Saturday School with my girlfriends. What in the world happened to the wild, outgoing college girl? I guess that she became a mom and realized that others do look up to her in one way or another.....does anybody have a clue?

Anyway, it was a sad week last week; Josie Grey passed away. I never met the child, but I felt like I knew her. My heart still hurts for her family. Three of my former students were in a car accident; one is still in critical condition. I just hope that he pulls through for he has a small child of his own. And now, my 34th birthday will be here soon and my once every couple of months hair coloring session will be increased....I'm sure of it!

Garrison's basketball team won last Saturday and G scored a basket; he turned around and smiled right at me afterwards (goose bumps). Jackson was hugging on a little girl yesterday; I guess he is a lot like his daddy. Madison has started doing her sign language more frequently; she is a smartie! When someone asks her a question, she will answer, "yesh, shir".

How time flies....

Much love.....

Monday, January 26, 2009

It sure is Monday!

After a long weekend with the kids and strep throat, I am exhausted. I took the morning off today in order to allow more rest for Jackson; I did not realize how tired I really had become.

When I did get to work, I found out that one of our students' cancer has returned. I am so very sad.......but, I know that GOD will work through this obstacle!

Garrison's team won their basketball game on Saturday; G scored four points! I hated to miss a game, but Jackson was not really feeling up to attending!

Busy week ahead, as usual! Love to all....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It sure has been a crazy couple of weeks around our house and at work too!

Rodney is coaching Garrison's basketball team and let me just tell you.....he is doing okay, but is definitely better at BASEBALL! I was searching the internet, just goofing off, and look whose baseball card I found. It was pretty neat finding it online after all of these years.

Of course, if I offer any coaching advice, he says "Okay" and continues to do what he was doing.....oh, well!

Jackson asks me every day when I am going to sign him up for baseball. If you know him, then you know that he is always moving. He would rather bat than play the field and would rather play on the playground than to play the field. So, I keep telling him "Next week, Jack, next week". I guess we will just have to see if he is really serious this year.

Madison is proving herself to be quite a booger! If she does not want you to talk, she will scream louder than you. If she wants something, she screams. If you are eating something, you might as well hand it over to her; she is always hungry. On the other hand, she gets cuter each day and has the brightest smile first thing in the morning.

School is so busy with grades, parent-teacher conferences, and freshmen! I don't believe I have been busier than I am right now; I will not get bored this semester....that is for sure!

The "Desperate Housewife and one Husband" lunch bunch continues to brighten my day at work. Cepp doesn't really know what he has gotten himself into while dining with us. LD is on a diet and is doing great; LB and Liz are working out hard, but are still eating chocolate; JH was having a bad day today and tried to take AH's brownie; and MC is tired of grading essays!

So much for us right now......love to all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! It seems like only yesterday that we were entering the year of 2008; now it is the sixth day of January in 2009. How time flies when families are as busy as we are.

Garrison is starting basketball up again this month and he seems to really enjoy it! Dad is coaching and looking really official wearing his whistle!

Jackson is such a good drawer; I cannot believe how well he colors at his age! He cannot wait until kindergarten, so he says.

Madison had a wonderful visit from Santa! She has sure been busy playing with all of her good stuff too! Her favorite thing right now is the bunny that was brought home the other day! I just hope that "Addie" does not get an urge to bite Moo's fingers.

I hope this post finds everyone doing well! Love to ALL!