Monday, February 23, 2009

Frustrated....but BLESSED!

After reading AH's blog, I cannot be frustrated any longer with my lack of keeping up with grades, working out, house cleaning, laundry, and anything else that I am slacking on right now. After a busy weekend, today needs to be a day that I am thankful that I have three kids to take and get haircuts this afternoon, that I have a husband who forgets everything and needs my help to function, and that I have a fabulous family who I spend too much time away from because we do not live close to one another.......

Garrison's basketball team won their game on Saturday......we smoked 'em! G is getting better each week; he really is an aggressive little booger!

Jackson helped Rodney with insulating the boys' new room (the addition) yesterday. He is such a great helper!

Madison ran fever and had a snotty nose all day; I sure hope she is not getting a bad cold!

It is hard to believe that this month is over.......March will be here next week! School will be out in three months......WOW!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anyone ready for SCRABBLE?

Christie Jarvis is having a contest.....I really want this game!


How funny it is that just last night we were outside playing baseball and today the weather forcast shows signs of an upcoming snow.

It is no wonder that our children are sick all the time due to the ever changing weather around us! Madison had the stomach bug over the weekend; Jackson's nose will not stop running; and Garrison said that he did not feel well this morning. I am not feeling too super either.....and we have inservice tonight, YUCK!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost my BIRTHDAY....

Well, it is now three days away from my 34th birthday and I have been a little emotional about this yearly milestone.

I guess I keep thinking that no matter how hard I try, I am still going to get older, look older, and feel older. My knees hurt when it rains, my hair turn gray way sooner than it used to, and my idea of having a good time involves kids' birthday parties and Saturday School with my girlfriends. What in the world happened to the wild, outgoing college girl? I guess that she became a mom and realized that others do look up to her in one way or another.....does anybody have a clue?

Anyway, it was a sad week last week; Josie Grey passed away. I never met the child, but I felt like I knew her. My heart still hurts for her family. Three of my former students were in a car accident; one is still in critical condition. I just hope that he pulls through for he has a small child of his own. And now, my 34th birthday will be here soon and my once every couple of months hair coloring session will be increased....I'm sure of it!

Garrison's basketball team won last Saturday and G scored a basket; he turned around and smiled right at me afterwards (goose bumps). Jackson was hugging on a little girl yesterday; I guess he is a lot like his daddy. Madison has started doing her sign language more frequently; she is a smartie! When someone asks her a question, she will answer, "yesh, shir".

How time flies....

Much love.....