Monday, February 23, 2009

Frustrated....but BLESSED!

After reading AH's blog, I cannot be frustrated any longer with my lack of keeping up with grades, working out, house cleaning, laundry, and anything else that I am slacking on right now. After a busy weekend, today needs to be a day that I am thankful that I have three kids to take and get haircuts this afternoon, that I have a husband who forgets everything and needs my help to function, and that I have a fabulous family who I spend too much time away from because we do not live close to one another.......

Garrison's basketball team won their game on Saturday......we smoked 'em! G is getting better each week; he really is an aggressive little booger!

Jackson helped Rodney with insulating the boys' new room (the addition) yesterday. He is such a great helper!

Madison ran fever and had a snotty nose all day; I sure hope she is not getting a bad cold!

It is hard to believe that this month is over.......March will be here next week! School will be out in three months......WOW!

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