Thursday, March 12, 2009

Face Book Junkie.....

Well I bit the big one, I mean, I got internet on my Blackberry and joined the many faces of FACE BOOK! I think that there is a definite possibility that I could become addicted to the "book" though. I cannot believe how many friends I have re-connected with over the last few days. From old sorority sisters to my friends in this area, it is a cool way to keep up with each other.

One of my best friends in the world, Heather Ball, lives in FL. Although we try to keep up with one another, it is impossible to do on a monthly basis. So, we connected yesterday! I did not realize how much I miss her. We used to hang out almost every day; whether we were at the bar drinking or on the sofa eating Chinese food, we always had a good time.

One of my other sisters, Stephanie, has three kids too. She has to have the biggest heart of anyone that I have ever met in my life (and the sweetest smile). I remember Spring Break 1998 in Panama City, FL with Steph and our crew. I had given up partying all day and night and was primarily interested in getting a tan. Steph was kinda in the same boat too. But, goodness, did we stay in a DUMP.....I sure am glad that cleanliness did not matter then as much as it does could go on and on about my old buddies, but I won't. I am just excited that I can communicate with them all now without any trouble!

Garrison is getting baptized on Sunday at Crosspointe Baptist Church. He has been thinking and talking about his spiritual birthday for a long time; his only real doubt was about being baptized. But, he has gotten past the fear and went in front of the church this last Sunday. What a special moment in his life; I am so thankful to God that he allows me to be a mother to such a wonderful son.

Jackson is gearing up for baseball. We spent a lot of time outside last weekend when it was not raining and forty degrees. He is such a little stud with a really sweet soul. I cannot wait to watch him grow into the fine man that I know he will be!Madison has strep throat for the first time ever! She ran fever for a couple of days and was really cranky. After a trip to Dr. Pender's office with the three of the kids, she was the only one who came out positive for strep. She was a BIG girl and took a shot to the leg. It seems to be working, but she still has a cough that is hanging around.

I have to remember how lucky I am; my time with my children is precious even if being in a small doctor's office for almost two hours leaves me feeling like I need to be committed!

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