Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend in Review.....

Even though it was not a nice weekend for the weather, it was a weekend that will definitely be remembered by our family.

Garrison was baptized on Sunday; he had a lot of friends and family there to support him.....many thanks! The service was awesome; the music and the sermon could not have been more perfect!

Madison is feeling much better since her first bout with strep throat; she is a handful. She can already say "No" so well that I am afraid she will be a bit of a stubborn child. It is so sweet to watch her interact with Jackson and Garrison; she definitely has two "body guards".

Jackson is still a super duper sweet guy! He kept asking G about his "babatizing". He said that he cannot wait until it is time for him......

We had G's first baseball tournament on Sunday (the 15th). It was chilly, muddy, and depressing. We are so "used" to winning all the time. We lost each game, but improved in each game too. G made some awesome plays and most of all, had a great time!

It is only Monday and I am ready for the weekend already!

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